Getting Started

We’re very keen to see you get value for money from your Hourfleet subscription. So before you open the doors on your new Car Share and tell your customers about it, there some important things you’ll need to understand, and a few things you’ll need to do first.

  1. Consider your Business plan, marketing, customer care and insurance. It should come as no surprise that having a great platform like Hourfleet is only a very small part of your business success.
    • If you’re establishing a car sharing business then you’re going to need to spend plenty of time on these things.
    • You can work on them while you prepare your Hourfleet Car Share as guided below.
  2. Understand your Hourfleet Car Share. You will need your own business website landing page.
    • You will need to host, create and maintain this website yourself (e.g.
    • You can bespoke build this site, or use tools like Squarespace, Wix or many others.
    • Either way, you will need this site as your front door to attract your customers.
    • The site is also required to host a few images, and pages of information like: your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc.
    • These pages will then be linked from the Hourfleet App so that your customers can move between your site and the Hourfleet App seamlessly.
  3. Create your Account When you signed up with Hourfleet, you will have been sent an invitation to join your Car Share. Use that invitation to create your account. That invitation gives you a specially priviledged account to use.
    • As an owner of the Car Share you will have access to ‘operate’ the Car Share, unlike your customers. You will have exclusive access to the ‘Operators Dashboard’ a page where you can manage and monitor your customers, cars and carkits.
  4. Configuring your Hourfleet Car Share. There are a large number of settings
    • These settings help you establish the Branding, SEO, Business Model, and other things that underpin how your Car Share software will work and how it is experienced by your customers.
    • You will definitely want the Hourfleet App that your customers use to look as close to your brand as possible, and for it to be easily searchable on the web.
  5. Integrations The Hourfleet App integrates with online service providers, through both API’s and widgets in the Hourfleet App.
    • The most important integration is with Setup instructions are here. Hourfleet will need to integrate with your Stripe account, to charge your customers for their subscriptions and for using cars.
    • Hourfleet integrates with a few other online services such as: ‘Google Analytics’, ‘Intercom chat widget’, ‘FreshDesk chat widget’, etc, take a look at Integrations for more details.
    • You can also integrate directly with Hourfleet through our extensive API’s.
  6. Try Out the App We will walk you through what it is like to setup a new car, and then rent it out for yourself, to see what that experience looks like.
    • You will get a good sense for what your customers will be going through to use the cars on your Car Share, and why
    • You will get a good sense of what it takes to bring a new car online in your Car Share, and why
    • Lets get started at Try It Out