Here we will document the sign-in constraints, processes and workflows.

Who Needs to Sign in

What can be done without signing in

What you can do (the scenarios) when you are not signed in

What happens when I sign in

What the redirection proces is when you signin

If you’re account is an ops account when you sign in you are taken to the ops dashboard. If your account has a car listed on it and you are not ops then you are taken to the My Cars page. If you sign in and have a booking in progress then you are taken to page for that booking. Otherwise you are taken search page. The My Cars and My Bookings links in the menu are displayed conditionally. If you have any cars listed then the My Cars link will show. If you have ever made any booking requests on your account then the My Bookings link will be shown.

Roles and Views

Perhaps a section on the commands that are available when youa re signed in as the various roles