Hourfleet is a full-featured car sharing platform. In practice this means there are a large number of screens and features, and all features are available on all/any device type - from desktop, to tablet and phone. This section captures some of the key screens that will exist* in your tenancy. We have used mobile form-factor screens, and where the screen would scrolls we’ve streteched the image. Feel free to check back, as we will extend this set of images over time.

Table of Contents

Finding and booking a car

Cars can be located by entering a location and/or date and time of pickup. Car can also be found by browsing the map and clicking on the pins. Cars that are available have red pins, while those that are unavailable are shown with grey pins. A borrower can view the car’s full details, and make a request. They are required to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy each time they make a booking.

Managing a booking

All bookings are managed from a single dashboard. Once a booking immediately prior to its start time, the interface provides a start button for the borrower to initiate their booking

Insurer Dashboard

Network operators authorise their insurance provider(s) to access details of current and completed bookings

* Hourfleet is under constant revision, and sometime we’re a bit behind updateing these images with the latest versions.