What You Need to Provide

Setting up a new car sharing business can be complicated. There is quite a bit to think about besides having a web site, an app and some cars.

You are also going to need to run a legitimate company in your country and jurisdiction, and worry about things like: Insurance, Terms Of Service, Privacy Policies, Tier1 Support, Marketing, Social Media, etc.

One of the things you are going to get with Hourfleet (see What Is In The Box) is your own cloud ‘tenancy’ on the Hourfleet platform with your own branded app for your customers, with other tools for managing your car sharing business. While the Hourfleet platform provides many of the online tools to help manage your customers and operate your car sharing, you are still going to need to sort out a few commericial relationships with supporting businesses so that the platform automate most of the work for you.

These are broadly some of the things that you need to do: