What You Are Going To Get

When you join Hourfleet, you get your own entire cloud-hosted online car sharing management platform, tailored to your business and your brand.

You will get a ‘tenancy’ on the Hourfleet platform.

Your tenancy can be used to run a car sharing network that supports either P2P car sharing or more conventional B2C car sharing, or both!

Your tenancy includes the following main pieces:

What it Looks Like

You get a responsive web app that looks and works great on any device. You can see an example of what that looks like at roamride.hourfleet.com

Want to try it out? Just Join the roamride network and explore the app yourself. You don’t need to do much to join, just your email, name and a password. You can search for cars, book a car, and even register your own car, if you like. Its a good way to kick the tyres and see what it all looks like.