What You Are Going To Get

When you join Hourfleet, you get your own entire cloud-hosted online car sharing management platform, tailored to your business and tailored to your brand.

Your Car Share supports either P2P car sharing or more conventional B2C car sharing, or both! and there are many options which you can configure to your business.

A Car Share will include these main pieces:

  1. A mobile responsive Web App, that works on any mobile or desktop device. Your customers will use this to make bookings for cars. You will use it register cars, and manage all the cars, users and billing. Head over to your new Car Share URL. It should look like https://yourcompany.hourfleet.com or take a look at the demo.hourfleet.com Car Share
  2. In-car keyless access technology. The option to have physical electronic devices fitted into your cars. These devices allow people in your Car Share to unlock the car from their smartphone and drive the car away without the need to organize and and exchange the car keys with the owner of the car. No keys, just secure smartphone access. Carkits are not included, and must be ordered separately.
  3. 2nd Tier support by Hourfleet support staff. Your customers will contact you first when things go wrong. If it is a problem with Hourfleet then our technicians will resolve it for you.