Software is Expensive

Software is expensive stuff. Both to build, and to maintain. It is very likely that you are using Hourfleet for this reason, because it’s too expensive to build and maintain the entire car share software yourself. You have better things to spend money on building and running your Car Sharing business.

By using Hourfleet, you share the costs for building and maintaining the software with other Hourfleet customers via your monthly subscription. This is the cornerstone value proposition of SaaS businesses.

Another part of the SaaS value proposition is that you get to benefit from improvements to Hourfleet over time. Our team works really hard to capture your problems, ideas and wishes and to use these to guide our future product design and build processes. After all, you are the reason the software exists in the first place. You can see evidence of this at our feedback site. Product improvements curated in this way are delivered to you as part of your Hourfleet subscription. There is no additional charge for that.

Focusing on the problem, not the solutions

Occasionally customers will describe a new feature, one they believe might be absolutely vital for them, or even unique to their specific context. Our approach here is to understand the underlying problem and need really well, and only then start considering what the solution options might be. We know from decades of doing this that often the most obvious thing to do is not the most valuable thign to do for you. Oftentimes we already know about the problem (from other customers) and have been looking for more validation about the problem and its variations. Furthermore, we often are aware of several problems that we see that can solved by any given solution. That’s great day when we can simplify things for you and your business.

Our preference is to schedule and invest the building and maintenance of a solution that is generically suitable for all Hourfleet customers, one that can be delivered to you as part of your existing Hourfleet subscription. In this way the software is always evolving to suit your needs.


Very ocassionally we may contemplate a unique customization for the Hourfleet car share service. The two most common instances are:

Where an external integration is planned and scheduled, you will need to supply us with API documentation in English, and support us with any local language queries needed so that we are able to estimate the cost of the customization.

The general principles we apply are:

  1. Any such work will be scoped by an exchange of emails that form the basis of the work we undertake for you. Unless explicity varied, Hourfleet’s standard Terms of Serice continue to apply.

  2. We will provide an estimate of the cost to implement your customization. This is calculated based on our standard hourly rate, and it represents our best estimate based on the information available to us at the time. The actual fee may vary. We commit to work with you to minimize any overruns.

  3. Once the work has been implemented a monthly surcharge equivalent to 1.75% of the customization fee will be added to your subscription.

  4. All intellectual property rights pertaining to the customization(s) are vested in Mindkin Ltd, the owners of Hourfleet