Every car sharing network has a subscription model that determines pricing and limits on the network.

Your subscription plans is one of the plans seen at Hourfleet.

Note: You cannot configure this section of your configuration

"Subscription": { // This is the how the "Business" plan from is represented
	"Costs": {
		"PerLicense": 349,
		"PerCar": 10,
		"PerCarkit": 30,
		"PerUser": 5
	"Limits": {
		"Cars": 50,
	"Renewal": {
		"DayOfMonth": 5, // The day of the month when monthly cost are dated
	"BeganDateUtc": "2018-05-04T12:00:00.00Z" // The date that subscription began

Change Subscription

Head over to your account dashboard, to cancel or change your subscription.