Carkit Compatibility

The Hourfleet carkit is compatible with cars that

Cars that have older style twist-key ignitions can not have a carkit fitted, however they can still be used on Hourfleet networks which have been configured to allow Key Exchange. Key Exchange is a feature which facilitates the car owner and renter meeting to pickup and dropoff of a physical car key.

Carkit Customization

Each carkit must first be customized before it is installed in the target car. This customization makes the carkit specific to that one car, and the carkit can not simply be removed from that car and installed in another.

Customization involves our technician taking a working proximity car key, disassembling it, and installing the key’s internal circuitry inside the hourfleet carkit. This is a one-way trip for that key - it can’t be recovered or re-used as a conventional key ever again.

The purchase price of an Hourfleet carkit includes the device itself, the customization work, and delivery of the customized carkit to any address accessible by DHL. The price does not include the cost of the car key itself, nor delivery of that key to our technician.

Carkit Installation

Device Placement

Secure firmly in the glove compartment or behind the dash. It is important that the carkit’s embedded OEM proximity key can be detected by the car, otherwise ‘Key not found’ or similar will be reported on pressing the ‘Start’ button. Please consult manufacturer specifications for the internal placement of proximity key sensors.


These can be affixed in the same general area, near the base of the windscreen. It is important that the GPS antenna is affixed on a level (or near level) surface, and that it has an unobstructed view of the sky.


Ensure 12 volt supply is not managed by the car systems. The power supply must be constant to ensure the Scout device stays operating even when the ignition has been off for some time. The device should be protected with a 5A fuse.

Network Connectivity

The Hourfleet carkit operates as a telemetry device, connecting to a 2G mobile data network so that car door lock/unlock instructions can be received from the Hourfleet network, and telemetry data can be transferred to the Hourfleet network.

It will be important for you to work with your chosen carrier to ensure your carkits work correctly. Before launching your network, we suggest you confirm:

SIM Installation

This is a 2nd generation Hourfleet carkit. While future versions will allow the SIM to be inserted simply, this device must be opened for the SIM to be connected to the internal cellular modem. The Hourfleet team will provide technical assistance as required.